Myth: Interior Designers Don’t Need Websites

We at General Proximity wouldn’t consider ourselves too well-versed in the modern art of interior design. Though you could say the table this post is being typed on, with its nine mysterious remotes, various half-moon coffee circles, and the May edition of Wired, evokes a certain “utilitarian chic,” we honestly haven’t put much thought into maximizing the pleasure of our office aesthetics.

What we do know, however, is that a lot of people out there are looking to spice up their interiors.

And we mean a lot.

Using our nerd magic, we estimated the number of people seeking an interior designer by aggregating the most relevant search language across 10 separate search engines and cross-referencing them with click-through rates to existing sites and the results are, well, staggering.

Over 1.4 million people search for an interior designer each month in the USA alone. Every two seconds someone is looking for you.  Crazy.

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