We act like a subsidiary of your company to create websites for physicians, construction projects, retail stores, or anything else.

We specialize in engaging different stakeholders across your organization to rapidly develop and deploy an online presence and online tools to accomplish your goals.

Turner Construction Company has over 5,000 employees and manages $8 billion in annual construction projects. When a new construction project is initiated, Turner relies on General Proximity to create websites to market the project to local contractors and create a simple way for those contractors to become qualified and submit bids.

We are what we do. We’re Mavens who are passionate about bringing straightforward, reliable, and sophisticated online services to the enterprise. We call ourselves Mavens because we like to share our know-how with customers.

Headquartered in Nashville, TN, we work with businesses that exhibit quality leadership. Whether it’s health care, construction, or another industry, we’re passionate about finding partners who are committed to serving their mission.